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Office of the President

Office of the President

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The Office of the President of Notre Dame University serves as the central authority responsible for the overall management and leadership of the university.

The Office of the President leads and directs the institution’s continuous efforts in promoting quality and holistic education, cultural diversity and peace in Mindanao. By nurturing an environment that values and celebrates differences, and by actively engaging in peacebuilding initiatives, the university plays a vital role in shaping a more inclusive, harmonious, and prosperous future for the region.


From the Department Head


Dear Faculty, Staff, Students, Parents, and Stakeholders,

As President of Notre Dame University Cotabato City, I am honored to lead our institution dedicated to quality education, cultural diversity, and peace in Central Mindanao. Together, we strive for social transformation and the development of globally competitive graduates.

Central Mindanao is culturally rich, with diverse communities contributing to our vibrant society. We foster an inclusive environment through respect, understanding, and dialogue, creating unity.

Education is key to unlocking opportunities and transforming lives. We provide a holistic education that empowers students to be compassionate, critical thinkers, responsible citizens, and globally competitive individuals. Through a comprehensive curriculum and supportive environment, we nurture their abilities, character, leadership potential, and equip them with the skills needed to succeed in the global arena.

Our mission requires the active participation of students, parents, and stakeholders. Together, we cultivate continuous growth, respect, and lifelong learning. Let’s work hand in hand to build a better future for Central Mindanao and produce graduates who can excel on the global stage.

Our theme, “For Social Transformation in Central Mindanao,” envisions accessible education, celebrating diversity, empowering graduates as catalysts for positive change, and ensuring their competitiveness in the global landscape.

Let’s continue our pursuit of excellence, cultural diversity, peace, and global competitiveness. Together, we shape minds, transform lives, and create a brighter future for Central Mindanao.

Thank you for your dedication. Let’s move forward united in purpose and determination.

Fr. Francis C. Zabala, OMI, DMin
NDU President


University Partnerships

Formation and Mission

Social Development

Alumni Affairs


Fr. Francis Efren C. Zabala, OMI D.Min.
University President

Ms. Grace R. Talamillo
Assistant to the President

Fr. Rodel F. Lopez, OMI
Director for Integrated School Management Information System (ISMIS)

Fr. Rizalde T. Orola, OMI
Director for Formation and Mission/University Chaplain

Mr. Joseph P. Fernandez
Director for Social Development/Alumni Affairs

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