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Actidamean, the student publication of Notre Dame University, is a dynamic platform that embodies the spirit of Social Transformation in Central Mindanao. With a focus on transparency and the core values of Formation, Instruction, Research, Extension, and Sustainability (F.I.R.E.S.), Actidamean is a beacon of truth and progress. Through insightful articles, thought-provoking features, and captivating visuals, Actidamean amplifies diverse voices, fosters open discussions, and promotes unity within our university community and beyond. Join us as we ignite positive change, shedding light on pressing issues and celebrating the achievements that shape our institution and the region we serve.


Actidamean – Oct 2022 Issue
Uploaded: 10/01/2022
Actidamean – Oct 2022 Issue
Uploaded: 10/01/2022

From the Editor-In-Chief

Welcome to Actidamean, the official university paper of Notre Dame University Cotabato City! As the Editor-in-Chief, I am delighted to introduce you to a platform that embodies the values and principles of our esteemed institution.

At NDU, we are committed to the theme of “Social Transformation in Central Mindanao,” actively engaging in shaping our region’s development. Actidamean serves as a catalyst for positive change, providing a space to showcase stories, issues, and ideas that drive our collective transformation.

Aligned with the core values of Formation, Instruction, Research, Extension, and Sustainability (F.I.R.E.S.), Actidamean upholds a standard of excellence, authenticity, and integrity in all our content. Transparency is our guiding principle as we strive for factual reporting and unbiased journalism.

Our purpose is to amplify the voices of students, faculty, staff, and the wider community, promoting unity, dialogue, and critical thinking. Through thought-provoking articles, insightful features, and captivating visuals, we shed light on the pressing matters and accomplishments that shape our university and its surroundings.

We embrace diversity and inclusion, fostering a respectful environment where every perspective is valued. Actidamean encourages open discussions, ensuring that all voices are heard and respected.

Join us on this exciting journey, actively participating in Actidamean’s mission. Share your stories, opinions, and ideas as we collectively ignite the flames of positive change, fostering a spirit of social transformation in Central Mindanao.

Together, let us illuminate truth, inspire progress, and embody the essence of our university’s values.

Farisha S. Sapal
Editor in Chief

Editorial Staff

Academic Year 2022-2023
Adviser Ma’am Marcel P. Bergado
Editor-in-Chief Sapal, Farisha S.
Associate Editor-in-Chief Esmail, Hairan K.
Managing Editor Quitol, Rain Cyrene V.
University News Editor Sindatok, Norossalam K.
University Feature Editor Abutazil, Sheherazade F.
Senior Layout Artist Gacayan, Chriscel Mae M.
Senior Photojournalist Ponce, Adrian L.
Senior Cartoonist Bismanos, Arvin John A.
Production Director Pasaje, Louis Andrey R.
Senior News Editor Esmael, Shewham D.
Senior Feature Editor Sakilan, Bai Maleha M.
Senior News Writers Adam, Baixaquina K.; Buttongah, Sharifa Safrina G.; Onto, Maria Angelica M.
Junior Layout Artist Lumenda, Norhana B.
Junior Photojournalists Mero, Salaahuddeen P.; Dinawananao, John C.
Junior Cartoonist Bonaobra, Aubrey N.
Junior Feature Writers Daksla, Lotus Ashley M.; Fuentes, Frentzel B.
Video Editor Mohammad, Badria M.
Videographer Mato, Joe Harvey D.
CENS Copyreaders Abdullah, Maher, I.
CHS Copyreader Nor, Ebrahim A.
CEd Copyreader Sanday, Sittie Yana Mardeyah I.


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